Monday, September 26, 2011

family trip

For my little sisters wedding, we went to Austin for a week to spend time with our families and help with the wedding. We had a really nice time.

This will be Will and me in 40 years.

Will really wanted to take Simon to the Zoo. I'm glad too because Simon really loves animals.

Some of the animals we were really excited to show him but he couldn't get past looking at the gate around them.

But he loved the fish and the birds.

Will was so excited to show him everything. It was like 110 degrees out on the day that we went. We could feel it and so could the animals.

The thing I was really excited to see was the giraffe...but a zoo worker told us that their giraffe died a few months before. That's no surprise in that heat but what the heck?

Will wanted to see bears but there were signs saying that because the bears wer
e old, they got to go inside where it wasn't so hot. So, we didn't see some of the things we wanted to. :( Bummer. But overall, it was a great trip.

Simon was really happy about it.

We also had dinner with Will's family.

Grandpa read Simon a book in Italian.

It was a great trip but we are excited to be back to our home and routine.


  1. I love the picture where he is leaning outside of the stroller with a huge smile on his face.

  2. I love all these pictures! He is such a cutie. I really noticed how much he looks like you in these pictures. Before I thought it was all Will, but there's definitely some Sandlin in there. :)

    I'm also digging your new blog layout. I haven't upgraded to the new Blogger designer yet, but I did get a new Halloween template recently. :) Glad you guys had such fun on your trip down here.