Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday, Belly, and Blast to the Kitchen

I finally found the cord to my camera so I got some pictures of the paintings that everyone who came to Simon's birthday party did for his nursery. The party was so much fun, I mean it. Thank you everyone who came!

I'm really glad that we did it co-ed so that Will could come. I like him. :) He really had a fun time making all the cupcakes. He made 3 batches but only the strawberry ones made it.

Here are the chocolate ones. He forgot one of the main ingredients: flour. Pretty funny. I already told ya'll about how he'll turn up the cooking channel really loud and pretend hes a cheif. Cute.

But no worries. He tried the chocolate cupcakes again a few days ago and we've almost eaten them all by ourselves. Very good.

For the party he made a strawberry cream cheese and blue berry cream cheese fillings. They were a hit.

And speaking of getting hit...our kitchen...no words can describe. You just have to see it, so here it is.

So that's that. At least Will doesn't get the urge to bake when it looks like this.
Last but not least, look how the baby is growing!! Crazy huh? We found out yesterday that he is really scared of the vacuum cleaner. I turned it on and he went crazy. When I turned it off he got quiet for a second and then went crazy again, as if to say "don't ever do that again!" I can't wait to see his little face and figure out his crazy little personality.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Let's see, what's been going on lately? Well, the elections ended on tuesday night and Will, who was the executive director of the Utah County Democrats, was pretty bummed out with the results. Even though UC dems are super conservative, generally BYU professors, and or ex-mission presidents Utah County is not ready for a Democrat.

So, that's that. I spent yesterday tending to my very disheartented honey bunny. I secretly...or not so secretly loved every minute of him being home. We spent the whole day together. He started this and his second job about the time we got marrried so it's been a while since we've spent a whole day together.

And as my reward for putting up with him being gone so much, we got to put up the Christmas tree yesterday. That was fun. Even though I had, of course, the best idea of what the tree should look like (my vision is to the left), I let Will pick out the lights that we put on it. The sparce but huge red, yellow, and orange dangling bulbs make it look like a badly decorated Cinco de Mayo tree. I would never complain, though. I only mention it because I am...grateful...that I am reminded of this random Mexican holiday everytime I pass the tree that should remind me of the birth of Christ...or the many gifts that I hope Will will buy me. :) Convincing, aren't I?