Monday, February 21, 2011

Simon Smiles

Well, Simon Lee Matheson was born on Tuesday Feb 8th, just before 4 am. We went to our doctors appointment on Monday at 9 am and because I had been bleeding and not feeling the baby move as much as usual, she sent us to monitor his heart and check the amniotic fluid. His heart seemed fine but he was really low on fluid so they induced me at about noon. I was already having contractions but they were irregular. When they broke my water they found that meconium was in the fluid so they had specialists there at the birth to clean out his lungs, in case he breathed it in. Will had me laughing during one contraction because his face was priceless. He looked like he was in more pain than I was. Simon didn't respond well to the contractions toward the end. His heart rate went really low after each one, especially when the pushing started. We were scared we might have to have a c-section but with the help of forceps, Simon came out just fine. So after about 18 hours of labor Simon was born! He did take a deep breath moments after birth so they took him down to the Neonatal ICU and monitored him for about an hour. Then he finally got to come down to my room and be with us. Everything else went so well that we got to leave a day early from the hospital. We were glad about that (for financial reasons) but I sure will miss that hospital food! It was crazy good.

Now Simon is home and making sure that Mom and Dad don't get too much sleep. But he is the sweetest, most patient little guy. And his facial expressions make you melt. Simon smiles.