Saturday, October 16, 2010

Second Ultrasound

At the beginning of the month we went in for our second ultrasound of Simon Lee. Even though the technician was about 45 mins late taking us in, it was a good appointment. They found all his boy stuff again so he's still a boy. (Good thing because Will and I don't agree on many girl names). Everything looks healthy and normal.

Will and Simon have been playing together. They're really sweet. Will will put his face on my belly and Simon will kick him. Then Will will blow Simon a rasberry and lay his face down again until Simon kicks him again. I think they'll really enjoy each other as playmates.

This ultrasound picture is my favorite because you can see the little shape of his face and his little hand. How cute! I think he has a face shape more like Will than me. I couldn't find a good picture of me when I was a baby but Will's picture to the left looks like Simon's face in the ultrasound picture. My two boys. :)

Will's getting maybe too excited. The other day he tried to convince me that it wouldn't be fair for me to let Simon burp at the dinner table if Will wasn't allowed to. As I was trying to convince him that he is the adult and should have better manners...a burp slipped out of my the dinner table: a total accident by the way. I lost my beautiful arguement by burping...which I hardly ever do. How ironic. Will will never let me live that one down.