Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Simple Things

Well, I have a few random things to report.

1) Will is still working a lot so I've started going to work with him to give us more time together. Here are some pictures of us riding to the fair in Spanish Fork last night where Will had to take down the Utah County Dems booth. He worked even during the ride but we did get some fun time too. I was feeling a little woozie but I'm glad I went. He makes me laugh.

Another cool thing that happened at Will's job was that a girl had a birthday so her friends brought her cupcakes. And I don't know why but they made Will and I under the stars (out of starbursts) on top of two of them. If you look closely, we are holding hands and I'm pregnant. Don't ask me why Will has different colored legs. One girl said the other day that we are "disgustingly cute". :) I can't say that I mind. Plus, we were quite tasty. I guess we've made an impression.

Another random thing: Will and I were called to serve in the nursery at church. Today was (nevermind our 3rd sunday in the ward) our first day. Just the two of us had 13 kidding...for two hours (followed by the talks we gave in sacrament meeting). I, by the way, have never BEEN in a LDS nursery and Will hasn't really played with kids since he was one. I have to say though, that it went really well and I didn't even know or was worried that that was unusual until the Bishop asked how it went and I got his reaction from it. Will said that it felt like that scene in Saving Private Ryan when Tom Hanks is just sitting there in shock watching people find there missing limbs or get pummelled by stray bullets.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just kidding...Due in January!

We went to the doctor at 4pm to sneek a peak at the baby or babies. Turns out we just have one in there, which I'm glad about because to tell you the truth I was freaking out a bit about twins. Can you blame me? But I'm glad to announce that even though the baby was crossing it's legs to avoid being embarassed, we did find a little something between them. It's a boy! :) Poor little guy, being poked and prodded. I've never felt him move so much. Will even saw a little lump go across my tummy as the little guy fought for space.
The top picture is his little booty, manhood, and two little feet (a bottom view). The second is of his left side: his big head on the left, neck, body and his legs and feet curled up in front of him (he is facing down). Cuuuuuuute.

He will most likely be named Simon. We want all of our kids to have names that give them a role model and we both love Simon Peter. It's a good thing too because we disagree on basically all suggested names. Will likes names like Victor and James. I like names like Christian and Lindon. Any thoughts?

The reason my uterus is so big, evidently, is that I am a week and a half further along than they thought I was. So, I'm due Janurary 30th instead. I'm glad. The sooner the better, right?

It's becoming real to me. Will took the pictures of the ultrasound and e-mailed them to me as he announced to a few people that we're having a boy. It hit me that he means me...there is a baby boy inside of me...a boy who will become a man with thoughts and dreams, loves and convictions. I fell in love with Simon a little bit more today. Will fell in love with him first, but I did more. I'm sure of it.


I was at the doctors office yesterday and the doctor started measuring my uterus (because I think by 15 weeks is suppose to be between your belly button and pelvis) but he got a confused look on his face and went further up on my stomach. He said "Hmm... your uterus is big for your date" Of course, I'm new to this whole pregnancy thing and had no idea what that meant til he said "I wonder if you have twins"!! Whoa! Now, you have to know that the first time Will and I went in to hear the heart beat I asked him to keep looking for another heartbeat: "What about over here, did you check over here?" (I'm annoying, I know. But at least I'm consistant ;) ) So, then he gets the dopplar thingy, finds one heart beat on my right side and goes for the other side. There was ANOTHER heartbeat!! BUT, he said that the second one was different or something, that he could be hearing the heartbeat twice from the one baby (but the baby would have to be big to hear it on both sides of my tummy). He said "I'm not telling you that you have twins, I'm just saying that you shouldn't rule out that possibility. We'll find out for sure when you have your ultrasound in 5 weeks"

5 weeks?'re kidding right? ...There is no way I'm waiting 5 weeks to find out if I need to double the anxiety I have about this baby. I need to know. Plus, my mother is enough like me that she won't wait either and is paying for the ultrasound that we're going to do in a few HOURS! I can't wait. Will is excited and he only blames me a little bit for praying for twins a while back. I told him that God loves me...I think he's starting to understand just how much.

But still we, especially me, need to remember that we don't know yet and the possibility of having twins is fairly rare. Maybe I'm just a baby making machine so my uterus has plenty of room it, or maybe I have a bajillion pound baby (Will was almost 10 lbs when he was born...ouch!) that is growing fast? We'll let ya'll know though.

I'm so excited.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Starting a blog

Well, Will and I are 13 weeks pregnant and I figure it's about time to start a blog so I can take pictures of the lil' guy. Or girl, but I think it's a boy...we'll see. We find out at 20 weeks and will let ya'll know. woo hoo!

So Will has been working his two jobs so he's been really busy. But even with that he managed to move us in, and the Mangums! He's a hard worker. He's feeling less stressed out with school over. It's good to see him more often. My sickness is getting much better, especially with these new drugs the doc gave me. :)

So, we're doing great and happy to be in provo!

Will and Jess